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What Major Should I Choose?


My sister and I already finished our studies, but we did have a hard time choosing what major to choose. The reason why we write this short article is to help students to choose wisely!

What Major Should I Choose?

There is an old idea that is hurting so many students these days. It is the idea that it doesn’t matter the major. They reason that since they have a degree (in anything) that employers will certainly hand them six figure income jobs. Ask any young college student and most will tell you that they will be making awesome money when they graduate.  They all “have it all figured out”.

The Truth

There are lots of lousy majors that are designed to get your money. They will not produce a job of any significance after graduation. The university knows this, but perpetuates the myth of higher earnings so that they can get students to pay them. These majors allow for higher profit margins because it is easier to attract low paid professors.

Why? They can’t get a job in that field. It used to be true that any degree will make a significant difference. However, it is simply not true any more. There are too many people with degrees.

Undergraduate – You see many students major in these “bad majors” with no idea it takes a masters from a highly rated school.

Good Majors

Accounting, pharmacy, computer engineering, doctors, engineering (any), nursing, robotics. Bad Majorsbusiness, economics, law, philosophy, sociology, social and behavioral science, political science, communications, psychology, social work, consumer and family studies.

Masters Level

Good majors get great. Bad majors get good only if from a top ten school and if you get some really good work experience before graduation.

The Proof

There is no real proof that the degree will get you good work performance. Remember this guys!

Bottom Line

Science and technology careers – Yes. Behavioral and philosophical careers – No.

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