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The Prince O3 Speedport White Review


Head size: 100 sq. in.

Lenght: 27 in.

Strung Weight: 11.3 oz

Balance: 5pts HL

Swingweight: 327

Stiffness: 70

Composition: Graphite/Titanium

The Prince O3 Speedport White is great for players who are seeking more power and maneuverability without compromising on control. The Prince O3 Speedport is based on the highly successful O3 White which was made famous by Maria Sharapova and features square shaped O-ports that act as wind tunnels to allow greater acceleration, mobility and speed in your swing.

The Prince 03 Speedport is a great modern player’s racquet. The 03 Speedport technology allows the strings to absorb more shock and vibration thus giving the user more comfort and feel.

This racquet is a great option for strong beginners to advanced tennis players.

Another benefit of the generous speed generated by this racket is the increased spin production. Prince have also excelled with free string movement on each hit of the ball. In other words, the strings thanks to Speedport technology are free to move when the ball is struck, allowing the sweet spot on the racket to be increased by up to 59%.

Are you one of those players that are scared of bone-jarring feedback if you don’t hit the ball correctly? This racket has an obvious advantage of greatly reducing or even eliminating that unpleasant experience.

What is even more impressive is that Prince managed this feat without adding extra weight or increasing the length of the racket, further adding to their reputation as one of the leading racket manufacturers in the world today. Indeed if you wanted to add weight you could certainly do that too.

Some players have found that the O3 Speedport White is more suited to creative players thanks to a better and more confident feel. They found that they could produce more subtle drop shots and slices, but also create a greater emphasis on spin when required.

Of course, there is always the problem with the more high powered rackets of hitting the ball ‘out of the stadium’ as it were. What I mean is if you already have a powerful stroke, you may be wise not to pick up this racket because your control might suffer as a result and you will continually find yourself hanging back to avoid over hitting.

In addition to this, some players do actually like to feel the ball hitting the racket and the soft, cushioning hits that the O3 White encourages may not be for everybody. But these are minor issues obviously, and no one racket is going to suit everyone.


ThePrince O3 Speedport White has almost everything you could ever want in a tennis racket, and a result will suit a large range of different players and skill levels. It has this universal appeal because of a fantastic blend of power, control and feel.

I could see anyone from speed happy juniors to more competitive adults using this racket, and I urge everyone to give the O3 White strong consideration, especially if you have never used any of the Prince Speedport range before.

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