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How To Start A Successful Blog – 12 Tips Inside

how to start a blog

Almost everyone is starting a blog. There are blogs about every subject matter. If you can imagine it, there are blogs about it. The challenge is how do you create your own unique blog that sets you apart from the millions of other blogs? What do you need to know to start a successful blog from the get-go?

Here are 12 tips that are sure to show you how to start a successful blog people actually want to read.

1. Make a list of possible niche areas and research them before making your choice

Spend sometime on this as it is a very important step in learning how to start a successful blog. Bear in mind the fact that you are not writing for yourself, but for your potential target audience. Look out for areas that are likely to continue to be of interest. Checking out trends on Google and goal-setting sites like 43 will give you insight into what people are interested in.

2. Research keywords/keyword phrases in your target niche area

Make a list of possible keywords and keyword phrases you can think of. This will give you viable keywords to choose from. Pay attention to topics people really want to know about that also have the potential to become profitable. It is usually better to shoot for exact phrases most people use in their search. Very popular phrases used are: ” How to”, “Should I”, “I want to”, “How can I”.  Jaaxy is a great keyword research tool that I use. Click here to get a free 30-keyword test drive.

Address Bar

3. Choose a website URL that contains long tail keywords

Based on information you gathered, choose a niche topic for your URL. Go for one  you feel comfortable and passionate about. Interest, knowledge and experience in the subject matter are also beneficial. Choosing a niche based on profitability only is not a smart idea. Ideally, your domain name should contain long tail keywords. These are keyword phrases designed to mimic the mind of internet users who are searching for the information. Using long tail keywords will come in handy for Google ranking.

4. Use keyword phrases as your post titles

Keyword phrases are generally a reflection of what people are searching for, so this helps with getting found in the midst of millions of topics in that niche area, which translates to getting ranked and eventually making money.

5. Look for relevant eye-catching pictures for your post

Do not underestimate the power of pictures. The internet is moving towards the use of pictures in expression. That picture might be the number one thing that attracts readers to your blog site. The use of social media goes hand in hand with blogging and for most of them, pictures tell the story. You can simply Google “Free images or pictures for your topic”. Pay attention to the copyright and photo credit stipulations.

6. Research your post title before writing

Research your post title for current trends and existing opinions on the topic. Compare your finding with your own opinion. Don’t just reproduce other people’s opinions, ponder over the topic and be as original as possible. If you find great information on the topic that will benefit your readers and add credibility to your post, you can cite it and give credit to the writer. Remember to keep your content relevant to your niche.

keep it simple

7. Keep it short and simple (KISS), if you can

It is recommended that you keep your post within 500 words. However, if you have relevant information that requires more than 500 words to effectively communicate to your readers, then go for it.

8. Review your post thoroughly until you feel confident

Review your post as many times as you need to until you feel comfortable publishing it. Be kind to yourself, especially with your first few posts. Don’t be in a hurry to publish anything you won’t be proud to own up to later.

9. Join an online community

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a great community of people from all over the world, with vast knowledge and experience in internet marketing, website design and blogging that can only be dreamed of. The training, networking and support are phenominal and are available 24/7, 365 days due to the fact that membership is world-wide. For more about Wealthy Affiliate and the benefits, click here. Visit my Wealthy affiliate personal page for a sneak preview of on-going member support and interaction.

10. Join social media

I was one of those that shied away from social media. If you are going to succeed as a blogger or internet marketer, you have to engage people outside the pages of your website. You can start with joining 1 or 2 and then gradually join more as you become more comfortable. The most common ones are Google plus, LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter and Pinterest. You might want to read up on social media etiquette before joining.

11. Be patient, be realistic, do not act out of desperation

Concentrate on building a solid foundation and money will follow. Set realistic goals and expectations. It will typically take about 6 months to 1 year to establish a good reader following and fully monetize your site to start turning in profit.


12. Take a break every now and then

Trying to write when clearly you are not in the mood is a productivity killer. If you find yourself sitting at the computer for 2 hrs and you really have nothing to show for it, then it’s time to get up and do something else you will enjoy doing, or just take a nap and wake up refreshed and ready to write some great blog posts.


Follow these 12 tips to learn how to start a successful blog from day one.Creating conditions that help you enjoy your writing will help your readers enjoy it too. Readers can feel your pulse, give them a positive vibe.Leave your comments. I will love to hear from you. Feel free to ask questions or suggest topics you will like me to address.Best wishes.

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