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How to choose the right pool cue for beginners?

If you are planning to take your game to a great level, it is better to try some best pool cues. But before purchasing it some of the important things should be considered. If you are a beginner there may be several challenges before you. However, it is important to overcome those problems and issues as early as possible.

If you are a newbie in this game, you should try some good and interesting cues. This will help to improve the game to a great extent. One should remember that a pool cue is made of different types of materials. They are also available in various categories.

However, if you are an experienced player, you might want to upgrade your current cue, you may refer to this pool cue guide.

Best things to consider while buying the right cues:

Diameter of the butt:

The first and the most important thing that needs to be considered is the butt diameter. It is important in the sense that it helps to know the feeling while playing. In this case, the diameter of the hand is the main thing.  A larger diameter is always important in case the hand is large in size. It will be much comfortable in that case. Apart from all this, smaller butt is important and perfect in case the hand of the person is small.


What is wrapping? Wrap is mainly introduced and tried to offer a place for holding the cue when playing. But make sure that you have a good grip that helps in holding the ball properly and easily. The hands should also feel comfortable while holding the ball. Some of the models come with a leather wrapping. This helps in getting a smoother feeling to the hands. But if sweating commence it is better to wrap the same with a cotton cloth. It will be much better and greater in many ways.

Role of shafts:

Maple is the main material that is used for making shafts. Most cues have a shaft that has a diameter that ranges between 12 to 15 mm. It is always seen that small shafts are much smaller and easier for the people. It helps people to play in a much organized manner. It also gives a softer and natural feeling at the same time. Apart from all this, there are various categories and styles of collars and pins. Some are very comfortable and they give it a durable feeling. It is an important thing.

It is also said that joints and pins are also an important thing that is located in the middle. It helps in connecting the butt and shaft. One can get various types of pins and threads. They also come in various characteristics.

Budget setting:

Even setting the budget is another vital thing. Everyone has a certain budget and one should do it as per the budget of the people. It is seen that the material of the cue is the main thing. It is the cue that helps in deciding the price of the same. If the cue is costly one should be aware bout the price. Professional cues can cost much higher.

Several pieces of cues is required:

If you are planning to buy the cues it is better to buy two cues. One for professional purpose and the other for home-use. If it is found that if does not goes well they should buy another set. In addition to this, a piece of the shaft is also required to be bought. 

A cue should be chosen that is equivalent to the length and height. However, there is a restriction for the kids. It should be maintained and chosen accordingly. Players that have a height of 6 feet or 5 feet they should have a cue that is about 61 inches long. Proper testing of the cue is also important in this case. It should be done by the user accordingly. The cue should be hold in the hand to get actual weight of the same.

Now it can be easily said that with the help of the cue most of the works seems to be easier. Some players prefer heavier cues while some players prefer lighter cues. It solely depends upon the player which one they would choose and why.

On the other side, choosing the right type of wrap is vital in this case. It is the wrap that helps in smooth playing of the games. One must be very clear about the wraps and it should be chosen carefully. It is such a thing that can be chosen by having a glance at it.

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