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Great Pillows For Pregnant Women


Looking for a body pillow for pregnant women? We all know that pregnancy is a very sensitive stage for women. We really want to always feel comfortable specially during the night. Having a nice sleep is a must for every pregnant mothers. In this article, I will discuss some maternity pillows to help ease the pain you are experiencing.

The today’s mom cozy cuddler pillow is one option. Today’s Mom has had better reviews from users on their other pillow, the Cozy Comfort.

Both the cozy cuddler and the cozy comfort come in many colors like almond, espresso, white, and sky blue. The cozy cuddler is like the cozy comfort but smaller. At the time of reviewing this the cozy cuddler was going for $58 including an easy to remove zipper pillow case.

It seems the Cozy Cuddler is better for shorter women and the Cozy Comfort is better for taller women. This isn’t the opinion of Today’s Mom. Just one reviewer said this. Overall people find the cozy cuddler to be comfortable and useful.

There are other options other then the cozy cuddler as a body pillow for pregnant women. This website is packed with information on different pillows: Best Pregnancy Pillows Guide – Pillowfiesta. I mean packed. Examples include Leachco pillows, Oversized pillows, and the U shaped pregnancy pillows.

However some users feel irritated about having to use the pillow for neck and head support without the option of not using it for head and neck support.

Another common complaint is the stuffing inside. Some users complain the stuffing moves around inside or that the pillow is too soft.

The cozy comfort is actually a response to pregnant women complaining about painful shoulder pain with pregnancy pillows. The Cozy Cuddler has a unique contoured fit around the shoulder designed for providing comfort in this area.


You should know that for hygiene reasons this pillow may not be returned so just make sure before buying. Also if you like to turn from one side to the other you may find this pillow cumbersome.

But I’m telling you every pregnancy pillow has complaints about it. There is no perfect fit for everyone. True story! You just have to find what’s fit for you and forget the shortcomings of the pillow. You do not want to add more stress!

Of course the pillowband may be a solution as well because you can use your own pillows and it is cost effective. Also unlike many pregnancy pillows you can use your own pillow for head support.

Some women prefer wedges to body pillows. Wedge examples include the Dex Wedge Pillow and the Utterly Yours Pillow.


You see, it is really easy to pick a pregnancy pillow that will suit you. The good thing about these pillows is the fact that you can use it when you get pregnant again in the future. Additionally, you can use the pillows for nursing your baby. These pillows are really good investment and I suggest that you get one and experience the comfort of it.

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