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How to choose the right pool cue for beginners?

If you are planning to take your game to a great level, it is better to try some best pool cues. But before purchasing it some of the important things should be considered. If you are a beginner there may be several challenges before you. However, it is important to overcome those problems and issues as early as possible.

If you are a newbie in this game, you should try some good and interesting cues. This will help to improve the game to a great extent. One should remember that a pool cue is made of different types of materials. They are also available in various categories.

However, if you are an experienced player, you might want to upgrade your current cue, you may refer to this pool cue guide.

Best things to consider while buying the right cues:

Diameter of the butt:

The first and the most important thing that needs to be considered is the butt diameter. It is important in the sense that it helps to know the feeling while playing. In this case, the diameter of the hand is the main thing.  A larger diameter is always important in case the hand is large in size. It will be much comfortable in that case. Apart from all this, smaller butt is important and perfect in case the hand of the person is small.


What is wrapping? Wrap is mainly introduced and tried to offer a place for holding the cue when playing. But make sure that you have a good grip that helps in holding the ball properly and easily. The hands should also feel comfortable while holding the ball. Some of the models come with a leather wrapping. This helps in getting a smoother feeling to the hands. But if sweating commence it is better to wrap the same with a cotton cloth. It will be much better and greater in many ways.

Role of shafts:

Maple is the main material that is used for making shafts. Most cues have a shaft that has a diameter that ranges between 12 to 15 mm. It is always seen that small shafts are much smaller and easier for the people. It helps people to play in a much organized manner. It also gives a softer and natural feeling at the same time. Apart from all this, there are various categories and styles of collars and pins. Some are very comfortable and they give it a durable feeling. It is an important thing.

It is also said that joints and pins are also an important thing that is located in the middle. It helps in connecting the butt and shaft. One can get various types of pins and threads. They also come in various characteristics.

Budget setting:

Even setting the budget is another vital thing. Everyone has a certain budget and one should do it as per the budget of the people. It is seen that the material of the cue is the main thing. It is the cue that helps in deciding the price of the same. If the cue is costly one should be aware bout the price. Professional cues can cost much higher.

Several pieces of cues is required:

If you are planning to buy the cues it is better to buy two cues. One for professional purpose and the other for home-use. If it is found that if does not goes well they should buy another set. In addition to this, a piece of the shaft is also required to be bought. 

A cue should be chosen that is equivalent to the length and height. However, there is a restriction for the kids. It should be maintained and chosen accordingly. Players that have a height of 6 feet or 5 feet they should have a cue that is about 61 inches long. Proper testing of the cue is also important in this case. It should be done by the user accordingly. The cue should be hold in the hand to get actual weight of the same.

Now it can be easily said that with the help of the cue most of the works seems to be easier. Some players prefer heavier cues while some players prefer lighter cues. It solely depends upon the player which one they would choose and why.

On the other side, choosing the right type of wrap is vital in this case. It is the wrap that helps in smooth playing of the games. One must be very clear about the wraps and it should be chosen carefully. It is such a thing that can be chosen by having a glance at it.


The Prince O3 Speedport White Review


Head size: 100 sq. in.

Lenght: 27 in.

Strung Weight: 11.3 oz

Balance: 5pts HL

Swingweight: 327

Stiffness: 70

Composition: Graphite/Titanium

The Prince O3 Speedport White is great for players who are seeking more power and maneuverability without compromising on control. The Prince O3 Speedport is based on the highly successful O3 White which was made famous by Maria Sharapova and features square shaped O-ports that act as wind tunnels to allow greater acceleration, mobility and speed in your swing.

The Prince 03 Speedport is a great modern player’s racquet. The 03 Speedport technology allows the strings to absorb more shock and vibration thus giving the user more comfort and feel.

This racquet is a great option for strong beginners to advanced tennis players.

Another benefit of the generous speed generated by this racket is the increased spin production. Prince have also excelled with free string movement on each hit of the ball. In other words, the strings thanks to Speedport technology are free to move when the ball is struck, allowing the sweet spot on the racket to be increased by up to 59%.

Are you one of those players that are scared of bone-jarring feedback if you don’t hit the ball correctly? This racket has an obvious advantage of greatly reducing or even eliminating that unpleasant experience.

What is even more impressive is that Prince managed this feat without adding extra weight or increasing the length of the racket, further adding to their reputation as one of the leading racket manufacturers in the world today. Indeed if you wanted to add weight you could certainly do that too.

Some players have found that the O3 Speedport White is more suited to creative players thanks to a better and more confident feel. They found that they could produce more subtle drop shots and slices, but also create a greater emphasis on spin when required.

Of course, there is always the problem with the more high powered rackets of hitting the ball ‘out of the stadium’ as it were. What I mean is if you already have a powerful stroke, you may be wise not to pick up this racket because your control might suffer as a result and you will continually find yourself hanging back to avoid over hitting.

In addition to this, some players do actually like to feel the ball hitting the racket and the soft, cushioning hits that the O3 White encourages may not be for everybody. But these are minor issues obviously, and no one racket is going to suit everyone.


ThePrince O3 Speedport White has almost everything you could ever want in a tennis racket, and a result will suit a large range of different players and skill levels. It has this universal appeal because of a fantastic blend of power, control and feel.

I could see anyone from speed happy juniors to more competitive adults using this racket, and I urge everyone to give the O3 White strong consideration, especially if you have never used any of the Prince Speedport range before.


Great Pillows For Pregnant Women


Looking for a body pillow for pregnant women? We all know that pregnancy is a very sensitive stage for women. We really want to always feel comfortable specially during the night. Having a nice sleep is a must for every pregnant mothers. In this article, I will discuss some maternity pillows to help ease the pain you are experiencing.

The today’s mom cozy cuddler pillow is one option. Today’s Mom has had better reviews from users on their other pillow, the Cozy Comfort.

Both the cozy cuddler and the cozy comfort come in many colors like almond, espresso, white, and sky blue. The cozy cuddler is like the cozy comfort but smaller. At the time of reviewing this the cozy cuddler was going for $58 including an easy to remove zipper pillow case.

It seems the Cozy Cuddler is better for shorter women and the Cozy Comfort is better for taller women. This isn’t the opinion of Today’s Mom. Just one reviewer said this. Overall people find the cozy cuddler to be comfortable and useful.

There are other options other then the cozy cuddler as a body pillow for pregnant women. This website is packed with information on different pillows: Best Pregnancy Pillows Guide – Pillowfiesta. I mean packed. Examples include Leachco pillows, Oversized pillows, and the U shaped pregnancy pillows.

However some users feel irritated about having to use the pillow for neck and head support without the option of not using it for head and neck support.

Another common complaint is the stuffing inside. Some users complain the stuffing moves around inside or that the pillow is too soft.

The cozy comfort is actually a response to pregnant women complaining about painful shoulder pain with pregnancy pillows. The Cozy Cuddler has a unique contoured fit around the shoulder designed for providing comfort in this area.


You should know that for hygiene reasons this pillow may not be returned so just make sure before buying. Also if you like to turn from one side to the other you may find this pillow cumbersome.

But I’m telling you every pregnancy pillow has complaints about it. There is no perfect fit for everyone. True story! You just have to find what’s fit for you and forget the shortcomings of the pillow. You do not want to add more stress!

Of course the pillowband may be a solution as well because you can use your own pillows and it is cost effective. Also unlike many pregnancy pillows you can use your own pillow for head support.

Some women prefer wedges to body pillows. Wedge examples include the Dex Wedge Pillow and the Utterly Yours Pillow.


You see, it is really easy to pick a pregnancy pillow that will suit you. The good thing about these pillows is the fact that you can use it when you get pregnant again in the future. Additionally, you can use the pillows for nursing your baby. These pillows are really good investment and I suggest that you get one and experience the comfort of it.


A Good Algebra 2 Help Study Guide


Just as I was about to stop looking for the algebra 2 help tool, I stumbled upon Mr. Joe Pagano’s website which showcased a number of his works that included self-help guide books for frustrated, wanting-to-know-more individuals who just want to make their lives much more fulfilling, to more subjective, figures-based algebra online resource manuals which includes algebra 2 help books. Of course, I still want to use my graphing calculator that is definitely the best tool for this course, but even most scientific calculators are okay to use for this. (You can find some  great scientific calculators here.)

I was immediately captured by the fact that Mr. Pagano was actually an award-winning math teacher who also prolifically writes insightful, thought-provoking and inspiring books. On top of that he shares a substantial part of his earnings for charitable causes. Aside from these various algebra 2 help eBooks that he creates he is also teaching methods on how to do effective essay writing.

I was really plagued by the intricacy of my algebra 2 lessons and with the aid of Mr. Pagano’s Wiz Kid Algebracadabra series I was able to magical solve my problems with effective trigonometry help tools that were provided right at the get-go coupled with my enthusiasm to constantly answer algebra practice drills.


With the use of Algebracadabra’s algebra 2 help tools I was indeed rescued from my math-related woes as it provided me with ample, great to get-by features that included the following:

With the Rapid-Fire Method you can be able to solve both regular and absolute value inequalities and other algebra equations in just a matter of minutes, maybe even seconds depending on how you mastered the craft.

The Midpoint Rule for Absolute Value Inequalities is a technique that will help you in getting pass some absolute value problems as easy as writing your answers.

There’s even a new feature called “problem of the week” that allows you to get regular does of algebra practice problems and lets you answer and solve them in order for you to consistently stimulate you brain cells the old-fashioned way.

– The Short-cut Arithmetic method will allow you to solve some algebra equations in the fastest way as it employs some tips and tricks on how to easily kill the problemI think I can stop there because I may be spilling ideas more than I ought to (hehe).

Anyways, these are just some of the things that this algebra 2 help tool entitled Wiz Kid series can offer as more are still to be unlocked with your encounters when you purchase the item.

Algebra 2 Help Tool Wonders

With the algebra 2 help tool entitled Algebracadabra I have been quite very capable of solving and answering those highly feared difficult algebra equations and problems as I was enabled to execute daily algebra practice drills with good efficacy.

I never thought I would be able to get into that next level and be good with math, trigonometry and algebra to be exact. With the Mr. Pagano’s eBooks I am now completely in control of my algebra homework woes with the use of the varied trigonometry help tools at my immediate disposal. I am truly helpful to this wonderful algebra 2 help guide.


Algebra1 – The Beginning Of Relationships Between Unknowns


Okay guys, this is a guest post from our friends at This article explains the basics of Algebra1. Below are all the sections of algebra1 and a brief introduction about each of them:

1. Input and output tables

Input and output tables are learned in grade 6. These tables can be very helpful to make a relation between two quantities. For example; the price of sugar in dollars and its amount which can be purchased with the money, can be the input and output respectively.To learn this skill effectively, kids need a sound knowledge of basic operations of math and good pattern skills.

2. Algebraic expressions

An introduction: In the input and output tables, there are two quantities discussed. One of the quantity vary according to the other. For example; the quantity of sugar you can buy is directly hit by price of per pound of sugar. In other words, if sugar is expensive we have buy less with fixed amount of money. So there is a number relation between amount of sugar and it cost per pound, which is called an algebraic expression.

3. Polynomials

Once kids get able to draw a relation between two quantities, then they begin to learn about the basic terminology about the algebra1. They start to know variables and how we denote them, coefficient and constants are some other basic terms in algebra 1 vocabulary.

So, there are algebraic relations between two quantities. For example; if we can buy 5 pounds of sugar with $6, then the cost of per pound of sugar is an algebraic relation which helps us to find any other cost of sugar for a given amount of it. These relationship between two (or more) quantities are called algebraic relations and if these relations pass certain criterion; they are called polynomials.


4. Types of polynomials

Once kids get used to term polynomials, then they need to know their types. Polynomials can be classified many ways, but classification on the basis of number of terms is most important.

5. Basic algebraic equations

When we equate an algebraic relation, equal to zero then it becomes an equations. The basic equations are an integral and most important part to learn in algebra1.

6. Algebraic inequalities

Finally, algebra1 comes to an end with the knowledge of inequalities. Inequalities are the next stage to equations and they use inequality symbols along with equal sign. Most kids finish all the above skills till grade eight or nine. Then students start to learn algebra2 in grade ten and beyond.

Finally, it can be said that arithmetic is the most basic stage to learn math and it gives a platform to learn the next stage called algebra1. Which in turn, builds the foundation to learn algebra2 and higher mathematics.


Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller review


The Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller is no ordinary double stroller. With the Joovy Scooter X2, you no longer need to worry about folding the stroller when going through doors.  No longer will you have to think of your kids’ weight exceeding the supposed limit for each of the seats.

It combines being lightweight, being capable of fitting through any standard door, and giving more comfortable room for much bigger kids into one system that’s perfect for you and your kids’ needs.

Key Features

Lightweight and Fit-Through.

Lightweight like most double strollers and having a width of 30 inches, this stroller can go through any standard door without you breaking some sweat.

Reclining Seats.

The Joovy Scooter X2 is equipped with fully-adjustable, deep reclining system that locks even up to 149°. Each of the seats recline independently from each other.

Durable Fabric.

The seats and the canopies you get in this stroller are made of super-durable 600D fabric so your children get quality and long-lasting comfortable rides.

Joovy Canopy.

You also get the signature oversized canopy from Joovy that comes with a retractable sun visor. With the Joovy canopy, your kids are always protected from outdoor elements. You won’t find such a canopy in any of the strollers within this model’s price range.

Flat Fold Easy.

To provide much ease when folding, Joovy made sure that you can fold this stroller in seconds, even with one hand only. When folded, the Joovy Scooter X2 is only 30 inches wide, 37 inches long, and 17 inches high.

Safety Features and Other Benefits

As your kids’ safety must always be the top priority, this stroller, like most within its price range, has its own five-point harness attached to the seats. The ones used in this model, however, are light reflective. The Joovy Scooter X2 also has linked rear brakes as an added security feature so you will always be sure that your children are safe at all times, especially when the stroller is parked.

Storage features are among the other benefits you get. This stroller comes with two cup holders and two zippered pockets. More noticeable is a huge basket larger than any that come with other similarly-priced double strollers. These storage items have been made to provide very easy access.


Where and How to Use the Stroller

The stroller overall built is really impressive, though it doesn’t boast much of its wheels. With this, it is preferred that you use the stroller in non-extreme outdoor activities or places that have smoother terrain if you really want you and your children to get a worry-free experience with this stroller.

It does, however, take pride in its easy-folding technology. With the Joovy Scooter X2, you get to fold the stroller in seconds using only one hand, eliminating all the hassles and difficulties of folding other bulky strollers. And you can always refer to the manual for instructions whenever you need some help.

About the brand

Based in Dallas, Texas and Orange County, California, Joovy is a company that strives to provides parents and children alike with quality family gear products that are useful, practical, and fun to use. Joovy is known for the large canopies that come with their strollers and high quality fabrics in all of their products.

Overall rating and number of customer reviews in Amazon

After being reviewed by a lot of users, it has attained an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 in Amazon. I found a nice video from on youtube that reviews the stroller in detail. Watch the video below.


What Major Should I Choose?


My sister and I already finished our studies, but we did have a hard time choosing what major to choose. The reason why we write this short article is to help students to choose wisely!

What Major Should I Choose?

There is an old idea that is hurting so many students these days. It is the idea that it doesn’t matter the major. They reason that since they have a degree (in anything) that employers will certainly hand them six figure income jobs. Ask any young college student and most will tell you that they will be making awesome money when they graduate.  They all “have it all figured out”.

The Truth

There are lots of lousy majors that are designed to get your money. They will not produce a job of any significance after graduation. The university knows this, but perpetuates the myth of higher earnings so that they can get students to pay them. These majors allow for higher profit margins because it is easier to attract low paid professors.

Why? They can’t get a job in that field. It used to be true that any degree will make a significant difference. However, it is simply not true any more. There are too many people with degrees.

Undergraduate – You see many students major in these “bad majors” with no idea it takes a masters from a highly rated school.

Good Majors

Accounting, pharmacy, computer engineering, doctors, engineering (any), nursing, robotics. Bad Majorsbusiness, economics, law, philosophy, sociology, social and behavioral science, political science, communications, psychology, social work, consumer and family studies.

Masters Level

Good majors get great. Bad majors get good only if from a top ten school and if you get some really good work experience before graduation.

The Proof

There is no real proof that the degree will get you good work performance. Remember this guys!

Bottom Line

Science and technology careers – Yes. Behavioral and philosophical careers – No.


How To Start A Successful Blog – 12 Tips Inside

how to start a blog

Almost everyone is starting a blog. There are blogs about every subject matter. If you can imagine it, there are blogs about it. The challenge is how do you create your own unique blog that sets you apart from the millions of other blogs? What do you need to know to start a successful blog from the get-go?

Here are 12 tips that are sure to show you how to start a successful blog people actually want to read.

1. Make a list of possible niche areas and research them before making your choice

Spend sometime on this as it is a very important step in learning how to start a successful blog. Bear in mind the fact that you are not writing for yourself, but for your potential target audience. Look out for areas that are likely to continue to be of interest. Checking out trends on Google and goal-setting sites like 43 will give you insight into what people are interested in.

2. Research keywords/keyword phrases in your target niche area

Make a list of possible keywords and keyword phrases you can think of. This will give you viable keywords to choose from. Pay attention to topics people really want to know about that also have the potential to become profitable. It is usually better to shoot for exact phrases most people use in their search. Very popular phrases used are: ” How to”, “Should I”, “I want to”, “How can I”.  Jaaxy is a great keyword research tool that I use. Click here to get a free 30-keyword test drive.

Address Bar

3. Choose a website URL that contains long tail keywords

Based on information you gathered, choose a niche topic for your URL. Go for one  you feel comfortable and passionate about. Interest, knowledge and experience in the subject matter are also beneficial. Choosing a niche based on profitability only is not a smart idea. Ideally, your domain name should contain long tail keywords. These are keyword phrases designed to mimic the mind of internet users who are searching for the information. Using long tail keywords will come in handy for Google ranking.

4. Use keyword phrases as your post titles

Keyword phrases are generally a reflection of what people are searching for, so this helps with getting found in the midst of millions of topics in that niche area, which translates to getting ranked and eventually making money.

5. Look for relevant eye-catching pictures for your post

Do not underestimate the power of pictures. The internet is moving towards the use of pictures in expression. That picture might be the number one thing that attracts readers to your blog site. The use of social media goes hand in hand with blogging and for most of them, pictures tell the story. You can simply Google “Free images or pictures for your topic”. Pay attention to the copyright and photo credit stipulations.

6. Research your post title before writing

Research your post title for current trends and existing opinions on the topic. Compare your finding with your own opinion. Don’t just reproduce other people’s opinions, ponder over the topic and be as original as possible. If you find great information on the topic that will benefit your readers and add credibility to your post, you can cite it and give credit to the writer. Remember to keep your content relevant to your niche.

keep it simple

7. Keep it short and simple (KISS), if you can

It is recommended that you keep your post within 500 words. However, if you have relevant information that requires more than 500 words to effectively communicate to your readers, then go for it.

8. Review your post thoroughly until you feel confident

Review your post as many times as you need to until you feel comfortable publishing it. Be kind to yourself, especially with your first few posts. Don’t be in a hurry to publish anything you won’t be proud to own up to later.

9. Join an online community

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a great community of people from all over the world, with vast knowledge and experience in internet marketing, website design and blogging that can only be dreamed of. The training, networking and support are phenominal and are available 24/7, 365 days due to the fact that membership is world-wide. For more about Wealthy Affiliate and the benefits, click here. Visit my Wealthy affiliate personal page for a sneak preview of on-going member support and interaction.

10. Join social media

I was one of those that shied away from social media. If you are going to succeed as a blogger or internet marketer, you have to engage people outside the pages of your website. You can start with joining 1 or 2 and then gradually join more as you become more comfortable. The most common ones are Google plus, LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter and Pinterest. You might want to read up on social media etiquette before joining.

11. Be patient, be realistic, do not act out of desperation

Concentrate on building a solid foundation and money will follow. Set realistic goals and expectations. It will typically take about 6 months to 1 year to establish a good reader following and fully monetize your site to start turning in profit.


12. Take a break every now and then

Trying to write when clearly you are not in the mood is a productivity killer. If you find yourself sitting at the computer for 2 hrs and you really have nothing to show for it, then it’s time to get up and do something else you will enjoy doing, or just take a nap and wake up refreshed and ready to write some great blog posts.


Follow these 12 tips to learn how to start a successful blog from day one.Creating conditions that help you enjoy your writing will help your readers enjoy it too. Readers can feel your pulse, give them a positive vibe.Leave your comments. I will love to hear from you. Feel free to ask questions or suggest topics you will like me to address.Best wishes.